Dr. Madhu Amrit is an Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes hence it doen't work instantly but you can expect results within 1-2 weeks of recommended dosage. 

86% Customers who have followed Dr. Madhu Amrit program have been successful in controlling their diabetes and are living a healthy life.

Dr. Madhu Amrit has been successfully tested to help patients with type 2 diabetes. Please consult your doctor if you have type 1 diabetes. But we are happy help you if you need help with your diet plans.

Dr. Madhu Amrit is 100% natural & safe medicine and has under gone lots of tests and has been certified by Govt and international labs also.

It is made in a GMP facility using finest and purest extracts using Ayurvedic formulations certified by Ayush. We use the best herbs and also refine it further so only 5-10% of the useful part remains and the rest is discarded

i. Mix 1 spoon of Dr. Madhu Amrit L Powder in 1 glass of water at night

ii. Mix Dr. Madhu Amrit Powder in the glass that you left at night and then drink in the morning

iii. mix the light powder again in 1 glass of water for the evening and mix the dark Colour powder while taking in the evening (same as 1&2 but for the evening dose).

iv. After dinner, take 1 capsule/tablet. (1/2 hour gap between dinner & capsule/tablet).